Food shapes

Recently, I came back from Latin America and, as always, I am thinking of food.

As soon as you go abroad you realise that the food does not look the same in different places.

I would say the food shapes are a sort of mirror, where to find cultural rules, social classes, periods of history, ages of the consumers, gender issues, and of course ecological conditions and so on.

Also the food shapes are related with the aesthetic. However, beyond the aesthetic exists a link with the ethic of food.

It is easy to think the relationship between food and symbols. Therefore shapes play an important role.

For these this reasons I thought you may like to keep thinking in all these things which are related with the food systems we want for the future.

Are all the food shapes good for eating?

What types of food shapes do we need to think in sustainable food systems?

What do you think about it?

I leave for you a few pictures from my field diary to invite you to think on it. I hope you enjoy!

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